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So, with one week of Health Month under my belt, I think one thing is clear: I picked some pretty lame rules for March! I mean, they're pretty plain and looking at some of the other options, I definitely could have picked something more interesting. I chose:

  • Bring lunch to work 3x per week
  • Track food at least 6x per week
  • Exercise at least 5x per week

I picked those rules initially because I thought they would be easy to track and measure and because I had already been working on them in February. I wanted to get a feel for Health Month and use it to cement these new habits. It was definitely a safe, baby-sized step.

In January, I started tracking food and exercise, to try to see if I had any daily or weekly patterns. That was the origin of my own February "rules", pre-Health Month. I knew I didn't eat as well as I wanted to for the week when I failed to plan for mid-week lunches, hence the 3x per week bring lunch rule. Similarly, I knew it was harder to track food for me during the weekend, so instead of fighting weekend habits as much, I decided to tighten up during the week, when I had more flexibility and time to prepare anyway. For the exercise rule, I had been experimenting with a recurring Google calendar event, with an SMS reminder, to try to get something in Monday-Friday.

So, coming in to getting set up in Health Month for March, I figured I would just map these rules on to the new system to get a feel for how the Health Month triggers reinforced the behavior I was in the process of trying to adopt.

You know? When I put it that way, I don't feel as lame.....Haha. In fact, what I realize now, is that I'm going to be even more motivated to put some really interesting rules in play for April. That should be fun!