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I'm pretty excited about this: Eyes and Visual Training

It's my new online course and the first in the Foundations of Relaxation Series I wrote about here. As I've been developing the course, I keep saying to myself, "I wish everyone who comes to see me for pain relief or to learn tai chi did this first." In fact, that's how I developed the whole series. There are a few simple things that don't take a lot of oversight or feedback from an instructor that everyone can do to move better (meaning more gracefully and in less pain).

I'm offering it at a pretty steep discount on what I plan to sell it for: $49 for now, instead of $97 (so snatch it up!). Plus, you get lifetime access to the material, so you can keep coming back to it and working on it.

There are a host of secondary reasons this is exciting too. One of them is that I'm using Trainerfly, my web-based training app, to run the course. I'm already using it with private clients and remotely teaching a tai chi group in Maine, but this is the first full course. I'm sure I'll learn a ton by doing it, which is great, because I have a few other tai chi teachers interested in doing the same thing.

Look for updates on how it's going once people are in the system working with the course material!