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Update: We've just released a new video-based course that shows you how to loosen up your hips and become stronger and more flexible!

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I know the weather is getting warmer, but as I look around, all I see are frozen hips. We just aren't a squatting culture. We sit in chair, couches, cars. Look around the room you are in right now and see how all the furniture is designed.

Everything is likely at an altitude that encourages sitting, right? Well the problem with that is if you sit all the time, you are really under-utilizing the movement of the ball and socket joint in your hips. When the hip joint freezes up, your body starts to treat the thigh and the pelvis as a unit. If they move as a unit, instead of as a ball and socket articulation, your knee joint or your spine has to compensate. What happens when your spine starts acting like a ball and socket joint? It gets twisted, contorted and jammed.

This is often a major reason people experience lower back pain. Lower back pain can be a frustrating experience whose source may be hard to pin down and whose remedy may seem elusive. But, if you start to understand pain a little differently and work with some core tai chi concepts, you can start to unravel your lower back pain. Read more about treating lower back pain here.

Avoid Frozen Hips in the First Place

If you want to avoid frozen hips, here are some really simple mobility exercises you can do to remind your body to use the ball and socket action: Hip Mobility