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When you spend a month training Tai Chi 10-12 hours a day, what happens when you go home? What does it feel like several months later when your life has returned to normal? Is it a let down? Do you need to be inspired again to continue your training?

What have you continued to discover about your practice? How has the intensive training infused your teaching?

I sat down with several Energy Arts Tai Chi instructors to discuss these issues for Episode 3 of Qigong Radio. Here's what they had to say. Since we were all together for a Push Hands training, designed to be a follow-up to the Short Form training, we also talked about the ways we were seeing connections between the two topics.

Big thanks to these guys for participating: Senior Instructors Jamie Dibdin from Brighton, UK and Eric Peters from Martha's Vineyard, Aaron Green from Washington, DC, Scott Huette from Eugene, OR, Chris Cinnamon from Chicago, Thomas Herrington from Maui, Chris Redmond from California, Lucy Amis from London, Alex Connor from Manchester, UKPeter Ling, Franz Heutschy from Pforzheim, Germany, Olaf Rolving from Muelhiem, Germany, Jeanne Houde, and local instructors Ana Popa, Janak Sanariya, and Nate Hribar.

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