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In a recent post, we looked at 5 Ways to Build Strong Legs. When I posted the video to Youtube, someone replied:

I think nowadays there is a great misunderstanding of internal martial arts goals and methodology. The great issue is not to become strong but to become very weak!

Now, I think the commenter is kind of right, but misses a critical point, by simply reducing Tai Chi to the art of getting weaker and weaker. Just look at these Tai Chi Masters, specifically in the legs, and tell me if they seem weak:

Master Liu Hung Chieh

Wu Style Tai Chi Founder Wu Jian Quan

Yang Style Master Tung Hu Ling

There is no weakness in these Masters. You can see softness, an immense amount of relaxation, and they almost glow with internal calm. But weakness? Not here.

So what is the connection between the strength and the stillness they display? If you listed to last week's Qigong Radio episode on Tai Chi for Better Balance, you heard me discuss "Rooting" with Don Miller.

Here is a 4-minute clip from the episode, where Don specifically draws the connection between strength, stability, balance, and relaxation. When you have Tai Chi Root, you can have them all.

Listen now or download for later: