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If you listed to the recent Qigong Radio episode on Rooting, Central Equilibrium, and Balance, you probably want more insight into how to put Tai Chi balance training to work in your practice.

MiniCoverNow you can start Tai Chi balance training with our new eBook, "An Introduction to Rooting and Stability," where you will take the Tai Chi Way to re-gaining, one of life's simplest yet most essential treasures--the gift of balance.

The Tai Chi Balance Exercises in this course will produce a noticeable improvement in your sense of being grounded, or connected to the earth, centrally stabilized around a vertical axis, and able to change visual orientation while remaining balanced.

As you practice these exercises, you will begin to feel and understand the essential Tai Chi concepts of Rooting, Central Equilibrium, and Dragon Body.

The exercises are drawn from the more than 45 separate exercises contained in the complete Tai Chi Way to Better Balance program, which includes both an ebook and DVDs.

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