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Recently, I've been talking a lot about two things, improving your breathing to give you a major energy/relaxation boost and developing tools that help you follow-through on your home practice. I've even created an online course with all the information you need to cultivate better breathing habits: Better Breathing. The biggest lesson we learned as we talked to BTC students was that the best time to use reminders to trigger your practice was when you were invested in learning a new skill. When you're going through a period of sustained practice, integrating stuff you've learned before, you need external tools less. However, when you shift back into learning mode and set a specific training goal, getting extra, regular motivation from an outside source can push you over the line from wanting to learn something to ingraining it as a habit.

Learning to cultivate better breathing habits is a great example of skill building that benefits from extra stimulation. As I explain in the breathing course, there is a clear threshold with your breathing practice that you need to cross to make a lasting impact on your habits. In one sense, the secret to mastering better breathing habits is just putting in the time. The steps along the path to better breathing aren't always exciting or immediately gratifying, but crossing the breathing threshold puts you into a different world where:

  • each breath feels deep and nourishing
  • your insides feel smooth and relaxed
  • you radiate a sense of well-being and easy-to-sustain energy throughout your day

These are the kinds of things you only notice once you've had them and lost them. The biggest challenge of cultivating these qualities is that you can't do it in one single act of will power. You need sustained, regular practice to take you over the threshold. The good news is that you can leverage external tools, instead of just will power, to carry you over the line.

And that's why I've created the 30 Day Breathing Challenge. If you want to hit a new depth of practice in the next month, I will give you the tools to get there. For a limited time, I'm giving away my online breathing course (normally $29), for free. All you have to do is sign-up for the 30-Day Challenge using the form below. I will send you daily practice reminders and weekly video instruction drawn from the course. In 30 days, you're going to see a major shift in your personal practice. Ready?

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